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Welcome to the world of Fractals! With Aros Fractals you can explore some classical fractal images at extremely high resolutions (physical size and color depths). For the current version of Aros Fractals and other information, you've reached the correct destination. We are constantly updating information here, so visit often and let us know if there is additional material you would like to see here.

System Requirements


All Platforms: Floating Point Unit (FPU). 8-bit video card (256 colors). Sufficient hard disk space to store large images.
Windows95: 486DX/25. 8M RAM.
Windows NT: 486DX/25. 16M RAM.
Macintosh: 68020. System 7.0. Thread Manager. 8M RAM. (Aros Fractals will let you know if it is missing any additional required components at startup time).


All Platforms: 32-bit video card (True Color)
Windows95: Pentium. 24M RAM.
Windows NT: Pentium Pro. 32M RAM.
Macintosh: PowerMac. 16M RAM.

File Download Area

Microsoft Windows:afx100.exe(165KB). This self-extracting program installs Aros Fractals on your system. Ensure that the installation path points to the correct harddrive (eg., C:). Note this location since you may wish to create a shortcut for Aros Fractals after it is extracted.
Macintosh::afx100.hqx(419KB). This Binhex format file contains a self-extracting program, which expands into the Fat version of Aros Fractals.

Aros Fractals Gallery

In order to view the images at full resolution the file extension '.fxd' must be associated with Aros Fractals. Some browsers prompt you to do this when you click on an image below for the first time. Alternately, your browser should have an "Helper Application" option panel in which you can explicitly establish this property. Before you create the association, ensure that Aros Fractals is installed on your system.

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT: When you click on an image for the first time below, your Web browser may give you the option of "Opening" or "Saving" the file. Choose the "Open" option. When the browser asks for a program file, select Aros Fractals from whichever directory you installed it. (eg., \Program Files\Aros Magic\Fractals).
Macintosh : MacOS files carry an invisible file signature property. In your browser, associate the filename suffix '.fxd' to Application signature 'Arfx' and File signature 'AfxD'.

More to come...

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